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    From Vivien H.C. Ku │ CEO, C.F.Koo Foundation

    TaiwanEYE is an online showcase, a set of programs that were originally to be offered in ISPA 2020 Taipei Congress by the C.F.Koo Foundation in Taipei.
    To make up for what friends of ISPA have missed, we have hereby pre-recorded excerpts of the designated performances, varied from Taiwan’s indigenous a cappella, to traditional Peking Opera, to modern dance projects, all created by top notch artists in Taiwan, for your eyes and ears. We hope to send everyone the welcome and love that we had hoped to offer in Taipei Congress and to provide relaxation during this distressing time. We wish you like the program and, until we meet again, stay well and passionate!

    Welcome to TaipeiWelcome to Taipei
    the video presented at ISPA 2020 New York Congress

    Organizer: 文化部 C.F. Koo Foundation ISPA