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  • The Drought Goddess.Dream of the World

    “The Drought Goddess.Dream of the World”(2019) marks the third version of the first part of the revolutionary mythological trilogy. Drought Goddess is sound asleep in the cosmic egg, but chaos in her dream lies restless, eager to break out of the shell. In attempts to awaken the dormant goddess, it morphs into various visions, gods and spirits and manifests the first encounters and reunions in memory. However, after meeting again with humans, deities and spirits, the Drought Goddess is reminded of bitter lies and betrayals from the past. The end of the last world is long gone, and the time has come for her to decide whether to wake up and wander in emptiness, to create a new world, or to stay asleep. The time has finally come for the Goddess to decide!

    “The Drought Goddess.Dream of the World”(2019) is a musical theater work that incorporates Nanguan music, mythology, an invention “Mythological Language”, poetry, tap dance, masks and puppetry. With the use of puppetry and masks, the work successfully creates a distinctive atmosphere of the mythological world. In addition, it ingeniously combines music of Nanguan and Tap Dance Rhythm to create the unique music that possesses both traditional charm and innovativeness.

  • Playwright and Director/ Yi-Hsiu LEE
  • Composer/ Shu-Hui HSU, Chao-Jan CHANG
  • Costume Design/ Yu-Teh YANG
  • Lighting Design/ Cheng-Wei TENG
  • Stage Design/ Chun-An HSIEH
  • Movement Design/ Chun-Hui LIN
  • Mask Design/ Li-Tong SUN
  • Costume Design Assistant & Accessories Design/ Yi-Ching WANG
  • Performers/
    Pi-Yu SHIH, Chen-Chieh HSIAO, Shih-Chun WANG, Ting-Fang LIU (Voice)
  • Musicians/
    Shu-Hui HSU, Han-Yu LIAO
  • Premiere/
    May 24, 2019, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center, Taipei
    Co-commissioned by National Center for Traditional Arts and La Cie MaxMind
  • La Cie MaxMind

    The playwright-director of La Cie MaxMind, Yi-Hsiu LEE, has been immersing in traditional Chinese opera and music as well as modern theatre. His work is often inspired by Taiwan. He believes through creating works based on traditional Taiwanese culture, he could find a way to create a dialogue with the world. His work integrates elements of Taiwanese artistic characteristics and humanistic thinking. His theatrical work has been positively received by international audience and critics alike.

    LEE’s craftsmanship towards audio and visual creates his signature style: bold and original. He is a practitioner of multi-cultural and interdisciplinary creation.

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