• Gang-a Tsui Theater
  • Passage to Lo-Jin

    Combined with Nanguan opera, the experimental play Passage to Lo-Jin is adapted from the first novel of Taiwan Trilogy. The story is about the life of Hsu Ching who visited Taiwan thrice as a Liyuan opera performer. The audience could glimpse in the rise and fall of Lugang, which was one of the most prosper city.

    We are not just telling a story but to recall the secrets in people’s memory. Traditional and contemporary mix and mingle to bring the audience a scent of the past a hundred years ago.

  • Original Work/ Shu-Ching SHIH
  • Adaptation/ Ming-Lun WU
  • Director/ Yu-Dien CHEN
  • Lighting Design/ Tien-Hung WANG
  • Stage Design/ Shih-Lun LIN, Yu-Han ZHAO
  • Sound Design/ Cheng-Kuang LEI, Tung-Hsin LIU
  • Costume Design/ Che-Lun CHANG
  • Performers/
    Mei-Hui WEI, Yan-Xi CHEN, Ya-Lan LIN, Jia-Huew LIAO, Fu-Hsuan CHAN, Yu-Tan WANG, Yung-Yen KU, Hsu-Fang TUNG
  • Musicians/
    Chia-Wen CHEN, Yu-Ning LIAO, Hong-Ling LAI, Chiung-Chi WANG, Yi-Lien CHEN, Meng-Ling LIU
  • Premiere
    December 8, 2017, Songshan Cultural Park LAB, Taipei
  • Gang-a Tsui Theater

    Established in 1993, Gang-a Tsui Theater debuted the first work, Nanguan Tour, a performance that was ahead of its times. The work featured a combination of traditional Nanguan opera with modern theater, and successfully demonstrated a viability of combing traditional and modern performing arts. Constantly infusing contemporary performance elements into traditional Nanguan, Gang-a Tsui Theater has become a great paragon of “enduing traditional art with modern spirit”. In 2017 the Theater was re-registered by senior members Chia-Wen CHEN and Mei-Hui WEI in Taipei. They work as director and vice director of the company, inherit the spirit of the former director, dedicate to modernize Nanguan, and endue traditional art with contemporary spirits.

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