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  • Lotus Lantern

    A story about a goddess and a human being falling in love and a son rescuing his mother from imprisonment. Liu Yan-Chang and the goddess fell in love in the shabby temple where she was worshipped. The goddess’s brother learned about this, came to the temple, and tore the couple apart. Liu Yan-Chang (Liu) was rescued by a poor family of mother and daughter Gui-Ying who looked a lot like the goddess. The goddess gave birth to a boy, Chen-Xiang, whom she asked her companion to deliver to Liu. Liu married Gui-Ying. Together they raised Chen-Xiang and gave the boy a little brother, Qiu-Er.

    One day the two boys went to school where they got into a fight and a fellow student was killed accidentally. By and by the soldiers came and took Qiu-Er away. The couple set Chen-Xiang to flee, commanding him to rescue his own mother from the dungeon someday. Fifteen years later, Chen-Xiang has grown into a brave young man whom has been taught Kung-Fu by a compassionate deity, Pi Li. He set off to rescue his mother. Pi Li summoned the tigers in the mountains to help Chen-Xiang. After climbing mountains and fighting the heavenly soldiers, Chen-Xiang arrived at the dungeon and was able to crash it open with his powerful ax and re-united with his mother.

  • Liu Yan-Chang ,God Erlang/ Bao-Chun LI
  • Master Pi Li/ Yan-Yi YANG
  • Mother Goddess/ Yu-Xuan CHEN
  • Ling-Chi/ Yueh-Tzu KUNG
  • Wang, Gui-Ying/ Yu-Xuan CHEN
  • Chen-Xiang/ Chi-Jou YU / Guo-Chih HSU
  • Qiu-Er/ Ssu-Ting LIN
  • God Erlang/ Guo-Chih HSU
  • Deity Hound/ Yung-Tseng WANG
  • Maestro Bao-Chun Li & Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre

    A star among stars in Peking Opera, Bao-Chun Li was born in 1950 into a family of great theatric heritage in China. His grandparents and parents were all celebrated Peking Opera players. His father, the legendary Shao-Chun Li, had a repertoire that is still considered unsur-passable. Following his father’s steps, Bao-Chun Li specializes in both the " lao-sheng " (bearded man) and the "wu-sheng" (combating hero) roles. On top of a voice full of variety and velocity, his graceful body movements and adroitness in combating scenes enjoy wild acclamation. In 1990, he entered a contracted partnership with the C.F.Koo Foundation in Taiwan and founded The Taipei Li-yuan Peking Opera Theatre in 1987.

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