• Resident Island Dance Theatre
  • Ice Age

    Ice Age is a new international inclusive choreographic collaboration between Chung-An Chang and Maylis Arrabit. The piece explores the different ways that people support each other in their own cultural environments. Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill, and has impacted every country differently.

    Some governments believe the worst is over and they begin their economic gambling games. The stakes? LIFE itself. Coming out of lockdown, people face huge uncertainties. Though, some people love the lockdown, others are freaking out, and going back to ‘normal’ is scary even for those who live in the safest place in the world.

  • Artistic Director/ Chung-An CHANG
  • Choreographer/ Chung-An CHANG/ Maylis Arrabit
  • Artistic mentor/ Morag Deyes
  • Light Design/Stage Manager/ Hsin-Ying TSAI
  • Performers/
    Chung-An CHANG, Maylis Arrabit, Shih-Yun FANG, Yi- Chen JUAN, Yo-Chen ZHENG, Hong-Zhi CHEN
  • Produced by Step Out Arts
  • Premiere/
    November 2021, Taikang Cultural Center, Tainan, Taiwan
  • Resident Island Dance Theatre

    Chung-An Chang, an award-winning prolific choreographer, founded Resident Island Dance Theatre in 2010. Chung-An lost his sight in his right eye when he was 18, so he had to give up dance in Taipei National University of the Arts and returned to his home town Pingtung, a place which has a limited of the art resources. However, he believes dancing, movements and choreographing are tools which he can express his thoughts, and therefore continues with self-training, teaching and choreographing for himself and others. His works mostly associated with the mental care and social impact subjects. He started develop disable dance in 2019 after the British Council invited him visiting Unlimited in 2018.

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