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  • Terrace on the Hill

    The Truku artist Watan Tusi, as an enthusiast for Taiwan’s indigenous arts and culture, and with his own background in traditional indigenous culture, Watan endeavors to recreate traditional culture with contemporary vitality. French artist Roland Auzet, an accomplished professional classic music percussionist, is also a vigorous contemporary music composer and music theatre director. These two artists, one starting with percussion of hands and the other beginning with tempo of the feet, are from different cultural backgrounds with different life experiences but they share a universal language in the arts. After a field trip for both artist to Watan’s ancestor’s tribe in a high and remote mountain, the work title and theme is made: Terrace on the Hill. Roland and Watan will work together to talk about their meeting, what they share in common artistically and culturally, and how they relate and response to the world.

  • Performed by TAI Body Theatre and Roland Auzet
  • Concept and Choreography/ Watan Tusi
  • Concept and Composition/ Roland Auzet
  • Composition/ Victor Auzet
  • Dancers/
    Ising Suaiyung, Malang Dapic, Ansiyang Makazuwan, Maya' a Taboeh Hayawan, Siyang Sawawan
  • Premiere/
    June 23, 2017, Experimental Theater NTCH, Taipei
  • Commission/
    National Performing Arts Center – National Theater & Concert Hall, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • TAI Body Theatre

    Established in 2012, TAI Body Theatre is one of the most promising dance company in Taiwan. In hope of promoting different aspects and modern developments of Taiwan indigenous people, the innovative and productive Tai Body Theatre has transformed traditional percussion into “foot script” and developed new forms and aesthetics.Tai Body Theatre is recognized internationally and had been invited to overseas tours in UK (Edinburgh Fringe, 2015 Aug), International Art Festival in Yogyakarta (2014 Dec), China Wuzhen Festival (2016 Oct), and Pulima Art Festival in Taiwan (2014 Nov). Terrace on the Hill has won the First Prize on Pulima Art Award in 2018.

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