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  • LUNA

    LUNA is the first brand new dance piece after field survey for Bunun Luluna tribe in Nantou. From the inner indigenous culture or interracial side, the piece not only combines perceptual emotion and ration thinking but also incorporates conventional culture with contemporary art.Bulareyaung, as an indigenous artist, he stays between political reality and art aesthetic. LUNA is not only an improvement of techniques but also a process of becoming the most developed piece of work of the 4 years from Bulareyaung Dance Company being founded.

  • Artistic Director & Choreography/ Bulareyaung Pagarlava
  • Technical Director/ Jian-Chang LI
  • Costume Supervisor/ Yi-Chun HSU
  • Dancers/
    Pei-Gen SYU, Jhin-Hao ZENG, Min-Cien KAO, Bo-Yuan KUNG, Chieh WANG, Yu-Hang HU, Ya-Ming KONG, Chung-Jen CHEN
  • Premiere/
    May 19, 2018, National Taichung Theater
  • Bulareyaung Dance Company

    Bulareyaung Dance Company was founded in 2014 by Taiwan’s indigenous choreographer Bulareyaung Pagarlava (aka “Bula”) in Taiwan. During the last two decades, Bula has been invited on numerous occasions to choreograph and perform for various contemporary dance companies both at home and abroad. However, his increasing awareness of his Paiwan identity has led him towards a new path, focusing on his own indigenous culture.He decided to return to his hometown and establish his own dance company in order to work with the talented indigenous youths, who not only can dance, but also have great voices, an important characteristic of this company. Through researching his own culture in greater depth with his own people, so as to find their own unique bodily expressions. Bula’s aim is to showcase his works on the global stage, performed by his indigenous company.

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